For the small, unincorporated area of Pecan Valley, the lack of fire protection is a serious concern. Residents of the area between Lawton and Cache held a public forum Thursday night to discuss the possibility of establishing a volunteer fire department for the area. The public forum, chaired by Comanche county commissioners and members of the Emergency Management Department, was held to gather public input.

During the meeting, several Pecan Valley residents expressed their support for a new department, saying in the long run it would make their community safer while also saving them money over time. Commissioners also learned that there are already 12 volunteers for the department, and the makeshift crew has managed to gather some equipment, but are in need of an official location and a radio system.

The next step in getting the fire department off the ground would be setting up an official district, by putting the item on the agenda for the Board of County Commissioners.

photo courtesy of ThinkStock/Getty Images/iStockphoto

source: KSWO news