Calvin Harris has resorted to speaking in code to warn of us of a future music project with Dua Lipa, and honestly, we'd be remiss not to entertain this brow-raising conspiracy.

According to The Sun, the Scottish DJ informed his followers of a surprise collaboration with the English songbird when he placed a suspicious barcode in his Twitter header that, when scanned, revealed the message: "Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa, One Kiss."

In case you hadn't guessed by now, the performers' sneaky scheme has already taken Twitter by storm.

While it would come as no shock at all that the artists would produce anything less than a sure-fire bop, it may astound some to know that the project reportedly came about as the co-collaborators were forging a love connection.

That's right: the "New Rules" chanteuse is apparently being pursued by the 34-year-old hit-maker.

The Sun states the 22-year-old singer and EDM star sparked romance rumors ever since they began spending quality time together in March 2017.

Harris and Lipa were most recently spotted at this year's Brit Awards afterparty at Freemasons' Hall in London, where onlookers noticed the twosome flirting with one another during the gathering.

“Everyone saw Dua make a beeline for Calvin when he arrived," an insider told the pub. "It wasn’t long until they were deep in conversation – it was like they were the only people in the room."

A definitive premiere date for "One Kiss" hasn't been confirmed. However, the music producer revealed in a recent Instagram post that he has a new single arriving in two weeks.

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