Perhaps you're already familiar with "Closer," the longest-running hit of 2016 by The Chainsmokers and Halsey.

But! Are you aware that the song might have been sung by former Fifth Harmony member-turned-solo songbird Camila Cabello?

It's true — and now there is aural evidence to prove such claims.

In a newly surfaced clip that popped up on the Internet this week, the "Bad Things" singer can clearly be heard singing a version of The Chainsmokers' global smash hit. The electronic duo even teased Cabello at one point on Twitter last year with lyrics from the song, adding that they missed the singer — only supplying further evidence of their would-be collaboration. (Unless there's more music on the way?)

The Chainsmokers' debut album, Memories...Do Not Open, drops in April. Camila's not featured on the album, at least as far as we know — but that doesn't mean the duo won't make an appearance on her forthcoming solo effort due sometime later this year.

What'd you think? It's only a little taste of Cabello's own chorus, but do you prefer Camila's "Closer" to Halsey's version already? Let us know in the poll below.

Camila Cabello Through the Years:

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