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Cardi B Rolls Up on Twitter Troll Who Wanted to Fight Her

This is a perfect example of internet trolls being all talk behind a computer screen. Check out what happened between Cardi B and a Twitter troll who told her they wanted to fight, below. (via CapitalXtra)

No, Kylie Jenner Isn't Sending Out 'Rise and Shine' Cease and Desists

Ever since Kylie Jenner's little lullaby went viral, she has been profiting off of it. She's now selling "Rise and Shine" hoodies and she filed to trademark the phrase, too. There have even been rumors floating around that Kylie is sending out cease and desist letters to companies that were using the phrase before her video even went viral. But, it looks like the rumors are just that: rumors. According to Kylie, she hasn't sent out any such letters.

8 in 10 Millennials Feel They Aren't Good Enough

A new study says that 8 out of every 10 Millennials believe they aren't good enough. It seems like every day there's a new article blaming Millennials for this and that; the generation has become the scapegoat for countless societal problems. Unfortunately, Millennials' self-esteem and mental health is being damaged in the process. Three quarters of Millennials admit that they constantly feel “overwhelmed” by pressure to succeed in their careers, find meaningful romantic relationships and meet others’ expectations. (via Study Finds)

RIP Laurel Griggs

13-year-old actress Laurel Griggs died last week following a fatal asthma attack. The young star had appeared on Saturday Night Live and Amazon's Cafe Society alongside Steve Carell. She also appeared on Broadway. (via PopCrush)

Infamous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Assembled on Top of Trash Can

The photo tells you all you need to know. Still cravin' that sandwich?

Drake Booed Off Stage

The crowd at Tyler the Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw this weekend didn't deserve special guest Drake, who was booed off stage at the event. The crowd was apparently hoping for and expecting Frank Ocean. Good for Drake for being nice about it! (via TMZ)

Vanessa Hudgens Treats Fans to 'Bad, Aggressive' High School Musical Karaoke

We're obsessed with Baby V's likely not-so-sober cover of her High School Musical song, "Breaking Free." Watch:

Niall Horan Announces Tour Dates

Niall Horan is going on tour with Lewis Capaldi and Fletcher. See if he'll be in your city via his official website!

Celebrity Clapback Songs

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