5 Must Watch Horror Films For Halloween
Hard to believe in a few short weeks it'll be Halloween! Fall is officially here and the temperatures are getting cooler, soon we'll be celebrating "All Hallows' Eve." For me Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. The decorations, candy, costumes, parties and of cour…
City of Lawton Might Purchase the Central Mall for FISTA
The news broke late yesterday evening, or at least that's when I first heard about it. The City of Lawton is considering purchasing the Central Mall for the FISTA (FIRES Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator) program. The Lawton City Council will be meeting today (10-16-20) at 2:00pm CS…
Don't Drink Hand Sanitizer!
You'd think we wouldn't have to even say this, but, don't drink hand sanitizer! Once again there are people doing crazy things and causing serious damage to their bodies and in some cases even death.
Six Things You Can Look Forward To In October
Hard to believe it's already October. It's strange that this year with the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else that's going on some days drag, others fly by. For me most of 2020 has gone pretty quickly and here we are, it's Fall and Halloween is coming up fast. If you're looking for something to d…

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