The Farmtruck is Back!
The king of the sleepers is back on the streets of OKC, hail to the king baby! Farmtruck and AZN got in some test hits recently as they prepare for the upcoming season of Street Outlaws. I can't wait to see the 405 back in action and the Farmtruck fishin' and battling on the list. I love t…
New Cutting Torch Runson Diesel & Kerosene [UPDATE]
One of the most useful old tools in the shop is getting some new tech. It'll make it cheaper to run, which means you can run it again.
The Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter is the newest technology in the shop torch game. Instead of paying $400+ to refill my oxy-acetylene, I can save nearly half by sw…
There is a Difference Between Old and New Pencil Sharpeners
First, let me state the obvious... this might just be the ultimate 'First World Problem.'
I was working in the shop last night and needed to sharpen my pencil. A few years ago, I bought the most expensive sharpener that Walmart had on their shelves thinking "What's in a sharpe…

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