Hurricane Harvey fundraising gets a boost from plenty of notable celebrities, and Eminem doesn't mince words about our current government. These are today's Pop Bits.

Chris Young, Drake, Lady Antebellum and More Raise Money to Help Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey has absolutely destroyed much of Houston, Corpus Christie and other Texas Gulf Coast cities. Though there are plenty of helping hands doing everything they can to assist those in need, damage requires incredible means to rebuild, and celebs are stepping up. Chris Young will pony up $100,000 to help those in need, Lady Antebellum will donate 100 percent of merchandise sales from a Dallas concert and NFL star JJ Watt has raised than $300,000 for aid.

Eminem Lets Scotland Know What He Thinks of President 45

The Motor City rapper performed in Scotland over the weekend, and took time out of his show to let everyone over there know the United States hadn't been doing so hot lately. Unlike some of Detroit's other major musicians, Eminem had nothing nice to say about our current President.

Russell Brand Married Laura Gallacher

British comedian Russell Brand got married to his current girlfriend Laura Gallacher over the weekend. The actor was once married to Katy Perry, but that relationship fizzled after just over a year of wedded bliss. Gallacher is the mother to Brand's child, so here's hoping these nuptials last a bit longer.

Ice-T Will Host a Special About Tupac and Notorious BIG's Murders

Next month, Ice-T and reporter Soledad O'Brien will dive into the investigations surrounding the murders of rappers Tupac and Notorious BIG to hopefully answer some questions that still remain today. The murders currently remain unsolved, but the special promises some never-before-heard audio of Biggie talking about Tupac's death. Who Shot Biggie and Tupac? will air on September 24.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Director Tobe Hooper Dies at 74

The horror world lost a legend this weekend. Famed director Tobe Hooper died, leaving behind a legacy that includes some of the most terrifying icons of cinema.

Stars We Lost in 2017:

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