Are you ready for some cheesy eggy goodness? Well, then I have the perfect thing for you! This recipe is a grilled cheese and eggs in a basket combo, perfect for any breakfast or brunch party. Or you could simply enjoy it alone! I know I do!
















I’m sure you’ve had eggs in a basket for breakfast many times. I’ve been eating them since I was little. This new twist adds a delicious ooey gooey surprise that hits the spot every time!

















As you can see, these ingredients are very common. I’m sure you can find them in your kitchen right now!

First, we start with our eggs in baskets. You can use just about anything to cut holes in your bread (a ring mold, a mason jar lid, tomato past can, etc). I used a small juice glass. (There is just one piece of bread pictured but make sure you do this to both pieces of bread at the same time)

Before you put your bread in the pan you should toast it a little first. Doing this ensures the egg and the bread will cook at the same time. While you’re toasting your bread melt your butter in a skillet over medium heat. Then add your eggs.

Once you’ve added your eggs let them cook for a little while then flip your bread over and cook the other side. (again, there is only one piece of bread shown but you want to cook both pieces of toast and egg at the same time if your skillet is big enough.)

















Once both sides are cooked, and easily movable, it’s time for the grilled cheese part of the recipe. Take your cheese and lay it on one piece of toast and stack the other piece on top.  Let it cook just enough for the cheese to melt.

Take your sandwich out of your skillet. Before you cut it down the center butter and jelly the little bread circles. After that, cut your sandwich down the center and watch the cheesy goodness run free! This really is a delicious egg and cheese dish that everyone will adore! Happy Eating!


2 slices of bread for each sandwich


2 eggs for each sandwich

Cheese – However much you want of your favorite kind of melting cheese. I used two thick slices of mozzarella.

(whatever kind of jelly you like for the bread circles)