UPDATE: In light of new reports, it has been clarified that Aguilera's 2002 song "Infatuation" was inspired by her learning her ex-lover was gay, and not "Fighter" as previously described.

After the premiere kickoff of RuPaul's Drag Race as the tenth season's first celebrity guest judge, Christina Aguilera stuck around for Untucked, an after show segment that airs immediately after the series.

During the special program, the Lotus diva opened up about the inspiration behind one of her deep cuts from her album Stripped named "Infatuation," which she explained was inspired by a hurtful realization the singer experienced after finding out one of her ex-boyfriends was gay.

“It was heartbreaking because I found out he played for your team, not mine,” Aguilera expounded, reflecting on the time she realized a man she once dated was in fact attracted to other men.

Drag Race contestant Monique Heart also chimed in to ask Aguilera whether her powerhouse hit "Fighter" — a long-favored lip-sync go-to on the reality competition series — was also motivated by a treacherous relationship, namely citing the lyrics: "You tried to take a joy ride and came down in flames."

"Of course it was! He deserved it," the songbird answered, avowing that the verses in “Fighter” were targeted at another old flame.

“We all have come from some journey. I’m sure we’ve all had a painful place and a struggle or something," Aguilera appended about the other uphill battles she’s faced while in the spotlight. "And I think that’s really relevant. And that’s a part of my music and a part of where I came from.”

The star later advised the hopeful queens that, despite all the “dishonest people" she’s encountered in her life and in the music business, it never pressured her from remaining true to herself.

“Once you obtain a certain level of success, you can become jaded and you can see certain people around you change," she continued. "And that can make you change and feel guarded or shut down and weird. But I think as long as you keep remembering who you are as a person — and keep remembering the good and the good around you — then nothing can stop you."

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