The Cover is something of a lost art these days.

All too often, the end result turns out sounding like a glorified karaoke session — or, far worse, those "ironic" YouTube squeaky-clean doo-wop renditions of hip-hop hits. (Blurgh.)

Christine and the Queens, however, evidently knows a thing or two about twisting (or should I say tilting?) a track on its head, as she just pulled it off with a mighty subject: Beyoncé.

As opposed to attempting to replicate Yonce's inimitable style and sound, the talented French singer-songwriter instead flipped and funkified it with her '80s-leaning, electro-popping BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge rendition of Lemonade's middle fingers-up anthem, "Sorry."

To quote every reality TV singing competition judge after an especially good performance, she really made the song her own. (Seriously, though. She did.)

It's no easy feat to impress a Beyoncé fan, but she might have even gotten the BeyHive seal of approval: "Normally I don't like when ppl cover beyonce but this is good," one YouTube commenter wrote.

"This is how you cover a song - completely remake it from the ground up, making it undoubtedly your own. Christine is one of the most exciting pop artists of our time," wrote another fan.

"It doesn't have to be better or worse than the original. It's different and that's what makes it funnnn :)" another added. Ain't it the truth?

Watch the Christine and the Queens rendition of "Sorry" up top, and check out a performance of UK Top 20 hit "Tilted" below.