Now we get to an area where most people love to stop and load up at any given Super Bowl party. The small sandwiches that are stacked on the trays around the dining area. What is it that draws people to them? Well, they are easy to handle unlike a full blown sandwich and 2 or 3 are usually enough to make one content during the preliminary run through the food line.

I like to make mine using Martins Potato Rolls. Unfortunately, you cannot get them here so I have to rely on friends and family from the East Coast to send them to me. And yes, it is worth the wait.

Now the basic principal for a great sandwich is fresh cut deli meat. I do not rely on the packaged meats on the shelf. Sure they may call them self "fresh" and Deli-Style, but unless I see them cutting it behind the meat counter, it does not make my party.

Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey are the three main cuts for my platter. Two to three different cheeses to accent the sandwiches can be placed near the condiments so people can put what they want on their meal. A good rule of thumb, for every 10 people you have invited, have at least 2 lbs of deli meat. If you decide that you have made enough sandwiches, roll up some of the meat to adorn the platter.

Also you can make another one of my favorites. Pig - In - The - Blanket. This is so simple that any one can make these.

Start with a large package of Lil Smokies and 4 canisters of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Here is the easy part. Open the rolls and separate just as if you were going to bake normal. Cut off the tip of the tri-angle and then cut in half again. Set aside until you have all of the rolls cut. Take the Lil Smokie's and start rolling them up and place on a baking sheet. Bake according to directions on the canister. When finished, you should have 60 or more miniature pig-in-the-blankets.

We're getting there. Tomorrow it is Crock Pot creations.