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On Aug. 13, Comanche County Emergency Director Clinton Wagstaff was arrested for suspicion of first degree rape with a 14-year old boy.

Police were called after the boy's parents found messages that their son and Wagstaff had been exchanging. The parents suspected something was up for awhile, but assumed that their son was hanging out with fellow teenagers causing trouble.

Investigators have released very little information as the investigation is ongoing.

Police however did release this statement:

Upon arrival, officers determined that there was a possible inappropriate conversation between a juvenile and an adult male on a social media site,"

Police then obtained a search warrant to search Wagstaff's home and found sufficient probable cause for an arrest.

The boy's father, who wished to remain anonymous has stated that the messages he and his wife saw were graphic.

"The gist of it was yeah let's meet up, but some of the times he would say lets do this and that," he said.

According to the father, Wagstaff would offer cash or cigarettes in exchange and would meet the boy at night at an elementary school not far from the boy's house.

The Comanche County Public Information appointed Deputy Emergency Management Director Chloe Lewis as the interim director during the investigation.