A woman recently went viral on Reddit after sharing the time she and her husband took Molly, a.k.a the drug MDMA, right before her husband's grandfather died — and had to "keep it together" as family members began to arrive at their house.

Filed under the "today I f---ed up" category on Jan. 31, the post was shared by user kaksonen72.

"TIFU by doing Molly with my husband forty-five minutes before his grandfather that we live with died," she titled the post.

"Well, about 45 minutes after taking huge doses, we get the call that he has passed, and that my husband's entire family is on their way over to the house to console Grandma," user kaksonen72 explained in the Reddit post. "We are so f---ed up when they arrive, and all we can do is sit there, drink some water, and try to keep our s--t together."

The couple were thankfully able to hide their high, and the Redditor revealed they even made light of it the next day.

However, she was grateful that no family members noticed the situation "and even more thankful he passed, and his suffering is over [he had been sick for a very, very long time]."

At the time of publishing, the woman's Reddit post has over 25,000 upvotes, and other Redditors are seeing the ripple effect of viral engagement as well as they ride the wave with witty comments and questions.

"Oh, we're so sorry for your loss. Why is Swedish House Mafia playing?" wrote one Redditor who received over 10,000 upvotes.

Another Redditor piggybacked on the post by offering a silver lining to the couple's drug choice: "Could have been worse ... At least you hadn't dropped acid."

How long does MDMA, also known as ecstasy, stay in your system?

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the hallucinogen party drug comes in pill or powder form and can be detected for up to two days by a blood test. As for your hair, the detection rate can spike to up to 90 days.

The USDEA also states the side effects of the drug include "increased motor activity, alertness, heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, tremors, teeth clenching, nausea, sweating, euphoria, empathy, reduced inhibition, chills, blurred vision, confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, severe dehydration, [a] sharp increase in body temperature [hyperthermia], which can lead to liver, kidney, cardiovascular failure and death."

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