Yeah, British singer Craig David was pretty hott with his whole sultry R&B vibe, but he recently got something that practically changed his entire persona — rock hard abs. He couldn’t wait to show off his new bod to spectators at Miami Beach on Sunday.

His life used to be all about romancing women through his music, but now it’s “all about killing it at the gym!” At least, that’s what his Twitter says. But that’s not all it’s saying! Apparently, the artist even feels the need to tweet while he’s working out:

This incline walk is no joke… jeez #gettingrippedregardlessthough

Everyday since the start of this year has been the same with this guy. Although his abs are flawless, half the time it seems too difficult to get past the gym-rat talk and appreciate his bod. What do you think? Can you get past the talk and see the man as a hunk?