Being a good parent sometimes means sacrificing your own dignity, and doing something over-the-top just to prove a point.  Like this.

Last month, a guy near Provo, Utah named Scott Mackintosh was going out to dinner with his family.  And he wasn't thrilled about how short his teenage daughter's jean shorts were.  But she refused to change so he decided to.

Scott went up to his bedroom, took some scissors to an old pair of jeans, and cut them way shorter than any middle-aged man can get away with.  Then he grabbed a "Best Dad Ever" t-shirt he'd gotten for Father's Day and threw that on too.

First, they hit up a restaurant, and the daughter pretended his outfit didn't bother her.  So after dinner, Scott decided to keep the night going and take his family miniature golfing.  But she still acted like she wasn't embarrassed.

So after golf, he took them out for milkshakes.  And finally his daughter got angry and refused to go inside with him.

But the true embarrassment for her was still to come.  Because the photos were posted online, and got thousands of comments.

Scott talked to the local news last week, and said his daughter is covering up a little more than she had been.  And to teach her about self-respect, he says he'd dress up like an idiot every day of his life.

Is this an over-the-top Dad or was it a perfectly normal thing to do?  Did your parents ever embarrass you to prove a point?