Maybe quality time with the kids isn’t always a positive thing: AM NY reports that one father that not only made his infant daughter an accomplice to a drug deal but used her stroller to transport heroin and firearms.

“Epifanio Santiago, 44, allegedly brought his infant daughter to a drug sale in June, where prosecutors said he hid cocaine and heroin in his daughter’s stroller and diaper bag and sold them to undercover cops. He was arrested Tuesday night, after selling heroin, cocaine and a gun to an undercover cop, police said.”

Does Consumer Reports break down which strollers are best for drug deals? We’d assume those expensive running strollers are perfect but is there adequate room for a diaper bag, a small arsenal with ammo, groceries and a couple packages of pure, uncut Colombian booger sugar?

Perhaps it’s best for the drug dealer parent on-the-go to test out a couple options before committing to a stroller purchase. The last thing anyone wants is to spend a ton of money on a stroller that isn’t well-suited for drug and weapon exchanges and possible police pursuits or deals gone horribly wrong.

Ugh, parenting involves so many tough decisions. We find it best to always think to ourselves WWTMD (What Would Tony Montana Do?).