Looks like Bond will be a familiar face once again for his next adventure, and Paris Hilton thinks she could have been the next Princess Diana. These are today's PopBits.

Daniel Craig Confirms He's Renewing His License to Kill

Last night, Daniel Craig stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Lucky Logan. Of course, Craig is more famous for his role as James Bond, which is getting another sequel he hadn't officially committed to before last night. Colbert put 007 on the spot, and Craig let the world know he'd be back at least one more time.

Paris Hilton Believes She Could Have Been a Modern Day Princess Diana Were It Not For That Pesky Sex Tape

First of all, in no way did Paris Hilton deserve for a sex tape of her and former flame Rick Salomon to be released to the public. Secondly, honey, no. In an upcoming interview in Marie Claire, the hotel heiress is rather blunt about her life, but we can't excuse the socialite for believing for one instance her life would have been anything close to as relevant and important as Princess Di.

Anne Burrell Heads Up Cheetos Pop-up Eatery The Spotted Cheetah

For three days in Tribeca, Cheetos will host a pop-up restaurant with all the food based on recipes featuring the snack food. Celebrity chef Anne Burrell curated a menu that features things like Cheetos Fried Pickles, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Mac and Cheese, Cheetos meatballs and more. The 300 reservations filled up instantly, and the waiting list to get in is over 1000 people.

Miss America Pageant Selects This Year's Judges

Miss America will be crowned on September 10, and the annual pageant to find the most talented and beautiful representative has finally narrowed down the judging panel. Former American Idol Jordin Sparks, country singer Thomas Rhett, model/actress Molly Sims and People editor Jess Cagle will decide who takes home the crown next month in Atlantic City.

Bill Cosby Can't Keep His Lawyers as Retrial Looms

A second lawyer has departed Bill Cosby's legal team as the second trial of sexual assault allegations nears. Cosby has since asked for more time to fill out his defense team. This move comes after former lead attorney Brian J. McMonagle departed two weeks ago. Perhaps their consciences are finally coming to their senses.

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