Once again, David Lee Roth has everyone where he wants them: talking about him!

It's all thanks to a revealing new article published by BuzzFeed that provides an eye opening view into his one-of-a-kind home, restless philosophies and surprisingly private life, away from the arena spotlights typically trained on Roth and his Van Halen band mates.

Over the course of writer Steve Kandell's lengthy visit with the Diamond one, they discussed everything from quality floorboards, to priceless Japanese katana swords, to David's upbringing and late life adventures ranging from nature travels to saving lives as a licensed New York City EMT; but perhaps the most telling observation Roth made to his guest was how he "put off getting married when [he] found out, oh, you don't really have to."

For as flippant and innocuous as this remark may appear, at first, it actually provides a key to Roth's lifelong quest to accumulate experiences, whether doing so involved indulging in the heights of rock star hedonism or observing the frugal serenity and self-discipline of a Buddhist monk, when studying his sword techniques.

So as Roth guides readers through his spacious but spartanly appointed Pasadena home (which he shares only with his faithful pooch, Russ); ponders the experiences he may have missed out on had he never left Van Halen to begin with (to embark on an ego-driven solo career he now describes as his "F. Scott Fitzgerald period"), or reminisces about his beloved uncle Manny (who sparked many of the young David's celebrity dreams as the owner of Greenwich Village's legendary jazz bar, Cafe wha?), the overarching theme always points back to the singer's refusal to conform to social mores or society's most entrenched rituals (love, marriage, children, etc.).

In the end, we learn that his drive ultimately boils down to an inexhaustible sense of wanterlust: an insight that simultaneously clarifies and adds even more mystery to the living enigma that is David Lee Roth -- for fans, non-fans and certainly anyone named Van Halen!

Finally, whatever you make of all this, and whether you even believe it to be true or pure fantasy concocted at a moment's notice, the bottom line is David Lee Roth is having a lot more fun than you are. And living a lot more than most people.