This is one of the cool things about being David Lee Roth: If you feel like starring in a five-minute movie about an anonymous hitman who drinks milk and kicks butt, you don't need to wait for someone else to offer you the part.

The Van Halen frontman has spent the past few years using the web as a forum for indulging his seemingly endless whims for various side projects. Here's the latest: a YouTube upload, enigmatically titled ',' in which Roth plays an assassin who strolls into a backroom gambling session and -- after being insulted with fried food -- makes his enemies pay.

What exactly he's retaliating for isn't made clear, but that isn't really the point; this is the type of flick in which our hero has only one line, but he makes it count: "In the name of the moon, I shall right wrongs and defeat all evil." You can watch it above.

"Roth gives us no information on the background of this video or what it is supposed to be," wrote the Van Halen News Desk, pointing out that one of Roth's co-stars is the well-known sumo wrestler Konishiki. "Knowing Dave, he probably did this video just for fun. We’re not sure if there really is a longer version or not. Perhaps he’ll elaborate on this 'trailer' in a future episode of 'The Roth Show.' Stay tuned."

As VHND's post points out, the clip is just Roth's latest demonstration of his fondness for Japanese culture; he currently lives part-time in Tokyo, where he's started a radio show and packaged a Van Halen TV special. We'll always think of Diamond Dave as a Sunset Strip kinda guy, but as this short video makes clear, he's fully embraced the Land of the Rising Sun.