Despite political differences, Dee Snider has given Donald Trump permission to use the Twisted Sister hit "We're Not Gonna Take It" due to their personal friendship. However, Snider now says that Trump's recent comments may cause him to rethink his decision.

"What's going on now has me questioning allowing the song to be continued to be used," he told Shadrach Kabango of CBC Radio's Q. "And it's very upsetting to me because I strongly don't agree with his extremist positions. I know the man's not a racist. He's a friend of mine. But when you've got white supremacy groups aligning themselves with you and you don't denounce them [...] that's a problem for me, and I'm really sort of coming to the end of my road here with this. I have to call Donald."

Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President -- has come under strong criticism from both Democratic and Republican leaders in recent days for issuing a statement calling for all Muslims to be barred from entering the U.S. Snider noted that his views are far different from the man with whom he became friends on Celebrity Apprentice.

"My Donald Trump was a Democrat," he continued. "My Donald Trump is pro-choice. My Donald Trump is what they call a Northeastern Republican, you know, fiscally conservative, socially liberal. But that's changing."

Snider also said that in 2012, he prohibited Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan from using the song due to Ryan's stance against abortion. "Didn't you vet the song?" he rhetorically asked. "You're singing the song -- 'We've got the right to choose' -- and then railing against women's right to choose [...] That's where I draw the line."

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