Gru and his silly little yellow minions are back - with help from Eminem.

The trailer for 'Despicable Me 2' hit the web yesterday (March 19) and it features Eminem's song 'Without Me,' electrocution and Steve Carell's Gru being asked to save the world from a new super-villain - voiced by none other than Al Pacino.

Dispicable_Me_2 - Anti villain league

Three years after the original film, 'Dispicable Me' - which grossed $543 million worldwide -  the story of the lovable villain Gru and his three adopted daughters continues when he is recruited by The Anti-Villain League to save the world from a new larger threat.

"Gru is back in the game with cool cars, gadgets and weapons!"

'Despicable Me 2' is set to open in theaters July 3rd.

Watch the full length trailer for 'Dispicable Me 2' below:

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