Gather yourself, people: Drake Bell's most recent pictorial project might be the only thing you'll ever need this Valentine's Day yet.

On Wednesday (February 14), the 31-year-old actor-musician surprised with the hotly premiere of his erotically-driven video for his newest single, "Rewind."

Fresh off the star's 2017 Honest EP, this promising, string-persuasive serenade is just as sweet and climatic as the images projected in the NSFW clip, of which a shirtless Bell relaxes at the edge of his love bed as his see-through-bra wearing love interest embraces him from head to torso to…you get the point.

Keeping to his promises of bringing his sexy back this year, the former Nickelodeon heartthrob bared his soul (and then some) in an intimate profile piece with Rogue Magazine, in which he explained the enthusiasm leading up to the raunchy video's debut and also hinted at more new music.

“I have new records coming out and I have a music video dropping. On Valentine's Day the video for 'Rewind' will be dropping. I'm excited for everyone to see that one, it's a little pushing the envelope for people who are familiar with my work with Drake and Josh, things like that," the "Honest" singer told the pub. "The comments on my preview for it on Instagram have been pretty cool so I'm excited about that.”

Sex simulations and Bell's overall Christian Grey cool aside, "Rewind" displays a sense of sensuality and confidence in the performer like we've never seen from him before.

Check out the vid, above, and share your thoughts on Bell's new direction in the comments below.

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