If you think you can toy with Dua Lipa's heart, think again.

The English singer-songwriter takes matters into her own hands in her music visualization for "IDGAF," a contemporary mid-tempo jam full of warlike percussions and self-approving lyrics to consider it the first breakup anthem of the year.

"I don't need your love / 'cause I've already cried enough," the "New Rules" star croons as she attempts to quell the emotional inner-turmoil her alter egos suffer as a result of a bad breakup in the Henry Scholfield-directed video released ahead of the weekend (January 12).

"This video is about your stronger and weaker side fighting with each other only to realize that self-love is what will help you overcome any negativity that comes your way," Lipa remarked to Billboard about the message behind the video project that took 22 hours to film.

Watch the erotic and aesthetically charming video above.

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