Alex Van Halen says he and his brother Eddie's long-awaited reunion with original Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth produced instant sparks. In fact, after recording five studio albums without Roth, Alex said 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth' boasted the atmosphere of an emotional homecoming.

"It's like you walk into the studio and we haven't been together for a while," Alex Van Halen told Triple M in an extremely rare radio interview featuring both brothers, "and there's this overwhelming sense of 'coming home.' That's the best way I can describe it."

Van Halen, of course, had hired and fired two other lead singers, and had gone through several off-again, on-again attempts at getting back together with Roth after his departure in 1985. Having originally co-founded the group in 1972, Roth returned in 1996 to record two new songs for a greatest hits package, then split with Van Halen once more. A brief stint followed in 2001, then another in 2007-08, which finally seems to have stuck.

Something clicked, Alex says: "All the time we were apart was if it hadn't existed and we picked up the fisti-cuffs right away." Or, as Eddie puts it, "It's like a pair of jeans that just fit right."

Their statements echo recent interviews by Roth in which the singer says there has always been conflict in Van Halen, while noting, "and at the same time, I think everybody’s more than old enough now to really respect what we’ve been allowed to do.”

Van Halen's tour in support of 'A Different Kind of Truth,' derailed by health problems for Eddie Van Halen, is getting underway again in 2013, with stops including Australia's Stone Music Festival on April 20-21.

You can listen to the entire interview, which features the brothers discussing how Eddie's son Wolfgang has changed the band, life on the road and whether or not Alex is a man of the cloth, right here.