Forbes Magazine has released their much publicized list of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities, and ‘Captain Fantastic’ himself, Elton John, is the top-ranking classic rocker. 

The list — which you can see in full here –  is based on the earnings in combination with their media visibility in outlets including print, television, radio and the internet. In addition to musicians, the rankings also includee television personalities, athletes, authors and more.

To compile their earnings numbers, Forbes solicited information from industry insiders, including agents, lawyers, producers and other experts, to come up with a ballpark estimate for what each celebrity earned between May 1, 2011, and May 1, 2012. The list isn’t based solely upon income however; factors such as online presence and print media coverage also factor into the rankings. How U2‘s Bono, who reportedly earned 1.5 billion dollars today via Facebook, did not make the list is uncertain.

While many modern day pop stars adorn the list, a few classic rockers manage to squeak their way onto the list as well. John is the highest ranked classic rocker, landing in the No. 17 position on the list with an estimated income of $80 million dollars.

Former Beatle Paul McCartney found himself in the No. 21 position with an impressive $57 million in income while the pride of New Jersey, Bon Jovi is in the No. 25 position with $60 million.

All three artists listed above managed to land upon the list of Pollstar‘s Top 25 Tours of 2011. Bon Jovi reportedly grossed $148.8 million dollars on tour in 201m1 while John grossed $102.7 million. Last but not least, McCartney grossed a very respectable $79.2 million from touring in 2011.