Elton John has often given his fellow rock legends unsolicited advice over the years, and the Rolling Stones, once again, are the recipients. In a new interview, he said the Stones should return to their roots and stop following current trends.

The Mirror cites a conversation John did with an unnamed American radio station where John said, “What I think the Rolling Stones should do is a great blues record, and go back to what they used to do - and do things like 'Come On,' the Chuck Berry song like they did in their early career. That is what they should do. I think Mick [Jagger] wants to still be relevant on the radio. Well, they are not. And I think Keith [Richards] would love to do a record like that. And that is what they should be doing.”

However, he did think it was preferable that the Stones are writing and recording, as opposed to other artists who simply go out and play their hits. John provided contrast with another friend and occasional touring/sparring partner.

"People like Billy Joel, who is a great songwriter and one of America’s finest, say there is no point because people don’t want to hear them. And I kind of get that as well, but it is very frustrating that you play new songs that people don’t want to hear but I can't not try and have a go. Usually when you play a new song people hurtle towards to the toilets quickly, but you have to play new songs.”

However, there is one thing that Elton John and the Rolling Stones can agree on. They are both against the idea of Donald Trump using their music at his campaign events.

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