Finding a job can be a difficult task that requires smart, savvy strategies, but when an investor and entrepreneur recently took to Twitter to give advice to young people in search of work, his insights fell flat.

Sahil Bloom, a former baseball player and current entrepreneur, baffled Twitter by doling out some questionable advice for teen job searchers.

Bloom insisted that adults who are between the age of "16-24 and trying to get ahead" should simply put on a nice dress shirt, run down to their local coffee shop to buy a "big jug of coffee," pick a "nice-ish neighborhood" and head there.

He suggested job seekers then "pick a house and ring the doorbell" and begin to network.

If by chance someone answers the door, he even provided a sample script for them to use:

"Good morning! I’m [Name]. I’m [Age] and I’m trying to learn more about different careers. Would you mind if I took 10 minutes of your time over a coffee and asked you a few questions about your work?"

Although he originally shared the advice on Twitter, it made its way onto Reddit, where users slammed his advice.

"Wow, yeah. Young women will definitely feel comfortable ringing the doorbells of strangers and asking to come in. There's no safety issue there. This thread is obviously written by a guy who has not lived his life as prey, the way all American women have," one person wrote.

"Best case: A door slammed in your face. Worst case: You know all the possibilities. I get cold calling, door to door sales etc., but times change, pitches change, and the way people respond to marketing changes. They’d benefit way more from a mentor in a field they’re interested in than this bs," another commented.

"My dad gave me this advice when I was looking for my first summer job 30 years ago. It was suuuper passé and out of touch even then," someone else weighed in.

"Yeah full-on clueless boomer s--t. The days when you could rock up and get a chance because someone thought you were a go-getter are well over if they ever existed," another wrote.

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