Middle school-grade album art and a terrible album title luckily seem to say nothing about the music on 'Old Sock,' Eric Clapton's upcoming studio release.

'Gotta Get Over' is the first song the guitar legend has shared with fans. The inspired jam is thick with Fender and Hammond, news that will bring a sigh of relief to Clapton's bluesiest fans.

'Gotta Get Over' will be one of two originals on 'Old Sock' when it's available on March 12. The arrangement sounds like a classic blues cover, however. As a singer, Clapton finds a little gravel in his delivery, and as a guitarist he takes the song over after just 30 seconds.

"I've been breaking like the waves upon the sand / You know I need some fortitude, gonna keep it close at hand / And I gotta shake it if I'm gonna break it on down the line / Ain't nobody can help me if I stay helpless all the time," Clapton sings during the second verse, which comes after some playfully soloing. A team of gospel singers help him out with the track's chorus.

"Cause I gotta get over (Get on over to the good side) / Lord I gotta get over (Help me get a little closer) / I gotta get over (Getting closer to the good side) / I gotta get over (Getting over, over)."

It's the type of performance that makes one want to buy a ticket to see a Clapton concert next month. The organ and funky guitar lick provide a framework for him to frolic on top of. With a stable rhythm section he's able to play with real purpose. If the other 11 songs on 'Old Sock' can pack as much power as 'Gotta Get Over' the album could be his best in years.