Telemundo heart throb Eugenio Siller is back in the new Spanish-language soap drama ‘Una Maid en Manhattan.’ Most of us may have cringed just thinking about the American film version, made famous by Jennifer Lopez, being stretched out into a TV series, but Siller makes the show worth your while.

The Mexican-actor’s body doesn’t seem real, but instead looks as though it belongs to one of those Mr. Strong Man competitors. According to an interview with E!, he attempts 500 pushups a day.

Siller has had plenty of time to tone up with previous Telemundo roles in dramas with such titles as ‘Al diablo con los guapos’ and ‘Codigo Postal.’ In the later, he portrayed a blind man, which puts a smile on your face when watching this often shirtless piece of meat waddle around the sets, pretending to be blind. But, hey, that’s Telemundo for you.