We've all had that one person in our life, that even though miles and years have separated you, you just can't get that person off your mind.

Some of us look for that certain someone for years; some have been lucky enough to locate him or her years later. If you're lucky, the spark is rekindled and things go on as if you had never missed a day, or a single heartbeat.

Don't believe that kind of a relationship exists? Don't tell that to Norwood Thomas and Joyce Morris. The pair met while Thomas was stationed in London back in 1944. But their love story seemed to have been cut short when Thomas was redeployed and sent to France for the Battle of Normandy.

After the war, Thomas returned to the U.S. and the two kept in touch, regularly writing each other, until Thomas asked Morris to come to the U.S. and marry him. She declined. The pair lost touch, both got married to other people, and went on about their lives.

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It sounds like the sad ending, heard at the end of hundreds of war love stories. But this is no every day love story. Decades later, Morris, who lives in Australia, asked her son to help her find Thomas on the Internet. With hundreds of possible unhappy endings, they persisted, until finding Thomas in Virginia Beach, VA. After exchanging emails, the long lost loves made plans to meet up across the internet, eventually reconnecting via Skype.

And just like anything that happens over the internet, their story went viral. With a story too good to be true, more than 300 hopeless romantics got involved, making donations to help Thomas and Morris reunite. Thomas is now set to visit Morris, and thanks to  Air New Zealand, Thomas and his son, Steve, will be flying to Australia for free. Plans are for the long lost love-birds to reunite in time for Valentine's Day.

Finally, after 70 years the pair will reunite, proving that every now and then, fairy tales do come true. And occasionally, just occasionally, true love does prevail.

And somewhere, Nicholas Sparks is smiling.

video courtesy of youtube.com/The Virginian-Pilot