Millions of people around the world try out new TikTok trends. However, the latest "health" trend on the social media platform has experts warning people not to try it.

Salt-water flushes are the latest craze sweeping the platform, with #saltwaterflush garnering millions of views.

The gut-health trend is supposed to "clean and flush" the "sludge" out of your body and supposedly help you lose weight.

TikTok user @mitch.asser alleges the salt-water flush will "go from top to bottom and straight out the back and flush out the entire digestive system."

Watch the clip here:

TikTok user Olivia Hedlund in a now-deleted video claimed the "goal of the salt water flush is to really get the sludge out of your small intestine," reported the New York Post.

Registered dietitian, Abbey Sharp, responded to Hedlund's video, slamming the video as "unethical."

"No health care professional should be giving a salt water flush tutorial — even if they preface it with a ‘do your research’ disclaimer," she captioned the clip via TikTok. "Salt water detoxes can be dangerous and should NOT be relied upon for constipation, especially without professional individual support."

Watch the clip here:

She detailed that the "sludge" people are referring to is actually stool and water, and that the amount of salt they are recommending in the tutorial videos is the total amount of salt one should consume in a day.

"It’s literally napalm for your bowels," she declared, adding that the method is sometimes used as an alternative to colonoscopy preparation, calling it "dangerous as f--k."

Sharp explained the rapid loss of sodium and fluids can cause dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance.

Users commented on the dietitian's video agreeing with her. "It’s like sea water, which I thought the entire world knew NOT TO DRINK," one person wrote, while another commented: "I'm so glad I’m on your side of TikTok where I see videos debunking anything or telling me not to buy anything before they become trendy."

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