A Nebraska father who committed incest following a "jealous competition" among half-sisters — who each bet they would "have sex with their father" before the other — was recently released from prison.

He's now dishing out life advice via Facebook.

According to The Mirror, Travis Fieldgrove reunited with his daughter Samantha Kershner in 2018. It was their first time reuniting since Fieldgrove abandoned Kershner when she was a baby.

However, the father-daughter reunion quickly turned sexual. The pair announced their marriage on Facebook not long after.

When one of Fieldgrove's exes noticed the status update on Facebook, she told local police about the illicit relationship. Investigators used a series of DNA tests to prove Fieldgrove and Kershner were indeed blood-related.

In an even more shocking twist, investigators found that Kershner's desire to marry her father was rooted in a bet she had made with her half-sister about who could bed their dad first.

The daddy-daughter couple were convicted. Fieldgrove was initially sentenced to two years in prison, while Kershner served 22 days in jail.

In 2020, Fieldgrove was sentenced to two additional years.

In early 2022, Fieldgrove was released with orders to have no contact with Kershner.

Since his release, the father has been sharing his advice and musings on Facebook.

"One thing I realized about my past, I wasn't the man I wanted to be when I went to prison. Then I took classes I didn't have to take just to pass by the time, but they actually help[ed] me in the long run," Fieldgrove writes in one of his posts.

"...I dug and dug for days while I was locked up, and it changed my life, and my life now is amazing," he continues, adding his "best advice is to love one another and just get along cause being locked up ain't a good life."

In a separate post, Fieldgrove writes:

"I know life is hard from time to time, but when [you] have family and granddaughters and friends and someone that care[s] a lot for you, it makes you stop and think. Life makes it the way you want it to be and to keep pushing forward to a better life, and it made me stronger to keep pushing forward for the life I always wanted, and it made my heart grow bigger [than] ever.

I just want to tell these people that I'm glad they gave me the chance to show them the guy I'm [supposed] to be. It took me 38 years to grow up and realize that the life I had wasn't me and that I wanted to be the man [I'm supposed] to be."

Fieldgrove's message also advises people to push past their fears:

"Don't get me wrong, I'm [scared] to death of the change in my life, but I have these people for support, and I'm thankful for that, and I set goals now. I'm gonna fight hard to keep that goal.

It's time I get the life I always wanted. I cry at nights to fall asleep, and I love talking to people about this cause it lifts the weights [off] my shoulders so thanks to all for being [supportive] to me..."

In a selfie shared on the social media site, Fieldgrove poses while wearing a cross necklace. "Man, I love my life," the caption reads.

On Facebook, Fieldgrove continues to share life updates and videos of himself singing country song covers and lip-syncing.

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