"I would be really surprised if you guys are here next week." - The Legendary Miss Britney Spears

Fifth Harmony, former X Factor USA finalists and "Make Me (Oooh)" singer Britney Spears' absolute favorite girl group in the whole world, paid a visit to the Piece Of Me icon's residency in Las Vegas last night (April 20).

She loved every minute of it.

As one can plainly see, not every member of the "Work From Home" troupe showed up to see the show. It's...Fourth Harmony! But don't worry, missing member Camila Cabello isn't being replaced by B-Girl (yet) — she's just working on that inevitable solo career. JUST KIDDING. Or am I? JUST KIDDING. #BETTERTOGETHER

In fact, the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" sometimes-solo singer showed up in Diplo's Snapchat story yesterday, sitting backseat in his car. The two are evidently still making some Major Lazer magic together in the studio. IT'S FINE. EVERYTHING'S FINE. #PreOrder727OniTunes

Snapchat: Diplo

Regardless, it appears the Brith Harmoney encounter went better than the last time they hung out...

...and also better than the time 5H introduced her at the Teen Choice Awards.

Britney's reaction to Fifth Harmony over the years, just to recap:


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