Faces that somehow look alike and old faces reuniting. Checks out today's Pop Bits.

There's a Cow That Looks Like...Gene Simmons?

A calf that's a dead ringer for the Kiss rocker has been spotted in Texas and is going viral because, well, why wouldn't it?

Jessica Chastain Eyeing X-Men Waterworks

The two-time Oscar nominee playfully threatened to make James McAvoy cry, as she prepares to join him in the X-Men franchise in next year's X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

King of Queens, Part 2 -- Sort Of

CBS has confirmed that Kevin James' character will become a widower in the second season of Kevin Can Wait, with the sitcom fast forwarding in time to make room for Leah Remini as a show regular. Remini, of course, starred with James on King of Queens and appeared on Kevin Can Wait in a few episodes last season.

Catfishing Is Funny

A comedian on America's Got Talent shared his hilarious tale of dating someone who didn't quite tell the whole story about who she was before they met.

Bitcoin Is Divorcing Itself

The currency is splitting into two, with a new form of the money called Bitcoin Cash. Early results have been good.

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