On May 8, Glenn Frey of the Eagles will release his first solo album since 1992. To promote ‘After Hours,’ Frey spoke with Rolling Stone, who are always willing to give some high-profile press one of their legacy artists. After a few cursory questions about the new album, which is a collection of standards from the ‘Great American Songbook,’ reporter Andy Greene asked him how, or if, the Eagles are planning to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

In addition to hinting at projects he can’t discuss, Frey said that they are working on a two-DVD history of the Eagles. The documentary will be directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (‘Taxi to the Dark Side,’ ‘The Smartest Guys in the Room’).

As for touring, he said that the band will play a few select dates, including the Jazz Fest in New Orleans on May 5, but a full-scale tour in 2012 will not happen. “This is more of a planning year for us,’ Frey told Greene. “We went through a four-year touring cycle with ‘Long Road Out of Eden,’ and this year we’re playing some places where we’ve never played before.”

However, anything can happen in 2013. “Maybe when September comes around we can sort of look and say, ‘OK. Let’s go out next year and let’s do,’” he continued. “That’s my idea, but whether it happens or not we gotta just wait and see. We just do one year at a time with the band. It seems to be the best way to take everybody’s temperature and see what we’re up for doing each year.”