You may or may not be aware that there is a whole movement geared to allowing women to go topless in public.  Yep, that's right.  It's Boobie-A-Go-Go.

Before you think that it is men pushing this movement, think again.  At the heart of the drive to allow anyone to go topless are women who are attempting to bring into light the inequality of how people view women and men.

You might also be surprised that many states don't actually have laws banning female boobie baring.  Totally legal in Texas.  Totally not sure in Oklahoma.

New York, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio, and Texas are unique in that they each have laws expressly allowing women to go topless in any location where men could do so legally.  In Oklahoma it is not specifically addressed so no one is really sure if it is OK or not.  They could answer it is not legal citing this law:

* §21-1021. Indecent exposure – Indecent exhibitions – Obscene material or child pornography – Solicitation of minors.
A. Every person who willfully and knowingly either:
1. Lewdly exposes his person or genitals in any public place, or in any place where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed thereby.


If you want to join the cause, you can.  There is a whole Go Topless Day scheduled in August.  This is from (BEWARE:  THERE ARE WOMEN'S BOOBS ON THE PAGE -- SO DON'T CLICK THE LINK UNLESS YOU REALLY MEAN IT):

GoTopless Day always falls at the Sunday closest to Women's Equality Day, Aug 26. It is indeed on Aug 26, 1920 that women earned their right to vote on the basis of Gender Equality. In 1971, the US Congress has made Aug 26 into a nationally recognized date and named it "Women's Equality Day". The president of the United States is summoned to commemorate this date each year.

It is only logical that GoTopless Day protests (or celebrations depending on the legal status of your city) would fall around Women's Equality Day since the right to go topless for women is based on gender equality as their right to vote once was.

Just in case your curious, I won't be celebrating and, while I believe in a person's right to be bare or be square, my personal choice is to keep my boobs a mystery to all buy my sweet husband.  By the way, my preference is for him not to go topless, either, so there is total equality in MY house already.