It was a great day on the internet this past Wednesday. It was Halloween, arguably the web's favorite holiday, plus singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation Poppy released her new album, Am I A Girl?

Fans have been loving the 14-track, genre-defying project since it dropped, especially the bubblegum pop-meets-nu-metal collaboration with Grimes, "Play Destroy." Upon the album's release, numerous media outlets singled out the song as a must-hear track.

So... why did Grimes just brush it off on Twitter after a fan praised it?

Grimes, who's been pretty absent from Twitter since Elongate this summer, took to Twitter today to chat with fans. She gave updates about unreleased songs (don't expect to hear the full versions of those snippets any time soon), mentioned future album plans, working on new videos and more.

But when one fan replied "Play Destroy goes off you did THAT," referring to her new collab on Poppy's album, Grimes surprisingly replied with an unenthusiastic, "meh."

Grimes continued tweeting and replying to fans, but has yet to follow up on that thought or provide any kind of explanation for her seemingly apathetic feelings about the track.

Some fans voiced their shock and confusion:

Others had a more optimistic theory about her response:

Taking into account that Grimes doesn't usually conform to the expected behavior of a traditional "celebrity," we may never get a real explanation. The fact that the song is on Poppy's album, and not her own, might also play into Grimes not feeling the need to expound more on her feelings about the track.

This poses a larger question: Should an artist's feelings about their own work, for better or worse, affect how the fans feel about it? If we as fans enjoy something, should that be all that matters to us in the end? Moreover, when the hell can we expect Grimes' new album?

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