At a concert in Las Vegas this past Wednesday evening, Axl Rose paid tribute to one of his favorite rock and roll singers. Former Angels lead singer Doc Neeson passed away earlier this week after a long battle with cancer. The night after his passing, Guns N' Roses cranked out a faithful version of the band's 1978 song 'Marseilles' in honor of the late, great singer.

Over the years, Rose has mentioned the Angels in general, and Neeson in particular as being a big influence. "This one's for Doc...from the Angels to the angels," Rose said during the song's breakdown. "Thank you for indulging us on that," he adds as the songs winds down. On their very first Australian tour, Guns N' Roses co-headlined with the Angels.

Though the Angels never made it to the big time outside of their native Australia, they have a great catalog of first class hard rock that is ripe for discovery if you are not familiar with their work. They were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association in 1998, earned a total of 12 Top 20 albums there, and remain among Australia's favorite sons when it comes to rock and roll.