Attention, upstate New York music fans: you will not be rocking with Guns N’ Roses tomorrow night! The band has called off their Nov. 23 concert at the Times Union Center in Albany due to “production issues.”

Blabbermouth quotes Stu Green of Magic City Productions as saying, “Due to production issues beyond the venue’s control, Magic City Productions and the Times Union Center are forced to cancel the appearance of GUNS N’ ROSES set to take place on November 23, 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Now… before you get all up in arms with the “here we go again” talk about Guns N’ Roses cancelling shows, we’d like to point out that the band’s tour has been humming along without much drama at all for almost a month now, ever since the kickoff in Orlando on Oct. 28.

Have you made it to work on time every day since then? (OK…. us too. Sorry, Axl, we tried to stick up for you!)

Still, there’s no reason to think there isn’t some legitimate production problem going on. After all, there’s what, eight guys in the band now? That’s a lot of gear to haul around the country.  As Rose pointed out in his recent ‘That Metal Show’ interview, sometimes mistakes happen.

(Edit: speaking of mistakes, we had this show listed as “tonight” in this article for a few minutes. sorry!)