Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal has released a studio version of the Henry Mancini classic ‘The Pink Panther Theme.’ The recording features members of Guns N’ Roses: Frank ‘Thunderchucker’ Ferrer on drums, Tommy Stinson on bass, Richard Fortus and DJ Ashba on rhythm guitars. This is the ninth song in a series of digital singles released by Thal in 2011.

As reported by, Thal claims to be the anti-rockstar and is more about being heard than seen. It was during the 2009 Guns N’ Roses rehearsals in Los Angeles at the Forum that members of the band were pressed to come up with their own solo spots for the upcoming shows. Both Fortus and Asbal were prepared, but Thal admits that he had a huge anti-solo attitude.

Still, with little time to spare before the tour launched, Thal gave in and shared some of his ideas with the group. He first considered doing the theme song from Charlie Brown, but the rest of the band responded best when he tossed out the idea of doing ‘The Pink Panther Theme.’

“‘OK, Frank, gimme a ‘tsss, ts, t-tsss, ts, t-tsss’ on the cymbals, Tommy, go ‘dammmm, dommmm, dummmm’ on the octave 5th and root, Rich, gimme the …’ (Rich was already playing the part before I finished the sentence), ‘Deej, hit the heavy ‘duh-dah, duh dah!’ and we quickly threw the song together. And that was my solo for the next two years of touring. And I enjoyed it!”

The studio recording of this song is available for purchase at, iTunes and other digital outlets.