We're happy fans are so supportive of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship, but this is probably taking it too far.

TMZ reports that late Monday night (November 19) a man climbed a Los Angeles billboard promoting Hailey's new line for PrettyLittleThing and vandalized it. What did he do to the advertisement? "Fixed" her last name, of course.

Seen in a video on TMZ, the man used white spray paint to cover the word "Baldwin" and then used black paint to replace it with "Bieber," making the finished product read "PrettyLittleThing Starring Hailey Bieber."

The graffiti incident comes just days after Hailey updated her Instagram handle and name to reflect her new husband's last name. Just last month Hailey even trademarked the phrase "Hailey Bieber." The couple reportedly got married secretly this past September.

No official response yet from Hailey but we wouldn't be surprised if her and Justin are somewhere having a good laugh about this right now.

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