Joe Paterno’s name will forever be associated with college football. He is a legend in the sport and an American icon. Has the Jerry Sandusky scandal taken away from his accomplishments, though?When news broke last fall that Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky may have sexually abused young boys, many were affected — perhaps none more so than former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno. His involvement, or lack thereof cost him his job, and possibly his legacy. The Sandusky trial is set to begin this week, and many are still questioning whether Paterno could have done more.

In reality, Paterno broke no laws. He reported the incident to his supervisors, and they had to take the next step. Morally, Paterno should have done more. This one incident will forever be synonymous with Penn State, Joe Paterno and the legacy of the two. Does Paterno doing nothing change your opinion about the man?