Whether you're out on the lake, working the ranch, or running a marathon, it's almost always wiser to wear a hat. They're perfect for protecting your skin from the scorching Oklahoma sun this summer and its UV rays while creating shade for you (with wide brimmed hats). In Oklahoma, you'll see lots of variations of them - but who wears what and why?

Cowboy Hat

Typically you'll see them getting started at the crack of dawn, fueling up their truck and trailer, probably with a tacked up horse waiting to start the day's work. Cowboy hats are an Oklahoma staple, but only professionals know when to put away the felt and break out the straw.

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Baseball Cap

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The perfect fit for any coach ever, baseball caps are the hat for every sports person in the state. And not just your typical softball, baseball or football coach, either. If they're pairing it with a cutoff shirt and crocs, he could just have the hidden fishing hole you've been missing out on.

Snapback Caps

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You can't miss the wide, flat brim in the front and snaps in the back, hence the name "snapback." If he's wearing this, asking for a can of copenhagen or nicotine pouches from the clerk behind the counter, just end anything you say with "ol' son" and you'll have yourself a new bestfriend. If she's wearing one of these, best not to pick a fight. If you do, don't say I didn't warn you.


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They're probably not anywhere near the sun, or out in it for long. You may catch them enjoying lunch on the patio at their favorite country club - dressed for style, not for staying cool.

Bucket Hat

This one is multi-purpose. Although the kids these days are all into bucket hats, they actually do provide more protection than baseball caps. They're not known for keeping you cool, but do shade more areas of the head and neck and even help during rain "co cap."

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No Hat

If you're not wearing a hat while working out in the sun in Oklahoma, you just don't care or you're fine with the sun melting you for however long you can stand it. To each their own, but your body might thank you for the extra care in the future.

What hat do you wear most during the summer? Tell us on the app.

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