Recently we discovered one the most heartwarming stories on the web! Two dogs with very unusual lives becoming best of friends and finding way to take care of each other when no one else cared for them! Check out these dogs' tale!

When Woodland West Animal Hospital, in Tulsa, OK, couldn’t find a home for Tanner, a two year old, blind golden retriever with a seizure disorder, they thought the only thing to do was put the dog down.

The hospital tried several times to adopt the dog out but was unsuccessful.  When it seemed like there was nothing left to be done, Tanner met Blair, a one-year-old black lab mix that had been brought to the animal hospital after being shot. Due to the horrific ordeal that the stray had been through, she was timid and needed a lot of work to be socialized enough to be adopted out. One day, by chance, the dogs were let out in the yard together and formed an instant bond.

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As reported by Channle 8 in Tulsa, Blair now helps Tanner around outside and is becoming more social with people. As for Tanner, well, he hasn’t had a seizure since meeting his friend.  The hospital now hopes to adopt the dogs out together to a loving home who is completely prepared and understands the responsibility that comes with the duo.  In the end, I think we all agree that this is an amazing story!

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