Ending a 9-0 at-home playoff streak for the Thunder, the Heat started out strong and held on for a 100-96 victory in last night’s game.


As predicted, Miami did indeed make their necessary adjustments over game one. Bosh started, Battier continued to knock down threes, and Wade and LeBron played like they’re expected to. When the Thunder were down 18-2 early on, fans didn’t quite know what to do. Ten quick points by Harden gave the Thunder a bit of a push, but not nearly enough to balance out Miami’s huge lead. They ended the first quarter with just 15 points, compared to Miami’s 27.

Every time OKC made a run, Miami had an answer. And as we all know, trading baskets doesn’t close the gaps. The second quarter panned out much as the first did, and the Thunder went to the locker room down 55-43.

Fans were likely expecting a second-half turnaround much like that of game one, but it didn’t exactly happen that way. LeBron stuck to Durant like a leech on defense, but the Thunder had a tough time guarding him back. Durant’s foul trouble didn’t help either, especially not when he picked up his fifth with over ten minutes left to play in the fourth. But that appeared to give Durant just the boost he needed, as he finally stepped it up and took over the game, like he’s been known to do.

A 12-3 run by the Thunder cut Miami’s 13-point lead down to 4. This was the closest the Thunder had been basically since the game started. Down seven with just 50 seconds left, Durant made a quick layup to put the Thunder within striking distance. After trapping the ball, Durant was able to bank a huge three-pointer, making the score 98-96. Fans’ hearts were pounding, as they realized the Thunder had a chance to pull off a win, despite being down double digits for most of the game.

After a Miami miss, Durant had a chance to tie the game, but his shot fell short. Nine seconds remained. LeBron’s free throws put away the game, as the Thunder were down 4 with just seven seconds to play.

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Some would argue that the no-call on Durant’s last shot (LeBron was clearly holding him down) cost OKC the game. Did it make a difference? Yes. But even Durant admitted that he just missed the shot. The fact of the matter is, if the Thunder want to win game three on the road, they have to get off to a better start. Scoring just two points in the first eight minutes won’t win games. Just as predicted for Miami after their loss in game one, OKC will certainly have some adjustments to make.

With the series tied 1-1 and headed to Miami, Sunday’s game three is sure to be a good one. What do you think about the game last night?


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