Growing up in any small town, residents face certain challenges. Primarily, the fact that most small Texoma towns have nothing to do in them. This is especially true for the children in these quaint communities. But a few citizens of Holliday, Texas have decided to step up the game and started raising funds to build a public park for all 1600-ish residents.

Word has it, the local Holliday Government has been taking donations for a few years now, but much like anything in this poor economy, donations are sluggish at best. Luckily, there are a few outlets to speed up the process.

Holliday, TX local Lucas Kellison has decided to pick up the slack and start an official GoFundMe project to get that public park project going.

Lucas quoted:

I have two children. One is 3 and One is 6. I also have a nephew living with us. The 4 1/2 years we have lived here the city of Holliday, TX has been taking donations to fund, in connection with our public schools, a public park  for our children, pets, and families in this small community. The schools would use the parks' tennis courts and other facilities to add new programs to the school lineup. There would also be a public pool, dog park, duck pond, picnic facilities, a stage,and kids playground as part of the much needed public park. Holliday is home to about 1000 people with a school district that includes Lakeside City and other rural areas. We as a community would benefit exponentially from a public park for the community to gather and hold community events. Please help our community come together in a place that helps all of us raise our kids in a safe, family and community based activity center for all to enjoy. "


Photo Courtesy of Lucas Kellison, Holliday, TX

Smalls town across all of Texoma could most likely benefit from a little hometown tenacity.

If you'd like to check out the Holliday, TX Public Park GoFundMe Campaign, click here.

It seems that over the last decade or so, the internet has pulled us all into a mass-mindset. The small town life is a dying mentality. We're all so connected through social media that we no longer view ourselves as part of something bigger than ourselves.

We're more likely to identify with where we'd prefer to be instead of where we live. We become romanced by cultures we've experienced through pictures, music, and videos. Lives we'd rather live. We're more becoming people of the world, not worldly people. It's fun to imagine, but it benefits nothing at home. Maybe it's time to come back home.

Take that idea home with you. Go forward and be encouraged to become a part of your community. It's starting small and getting to know your neighbors. Meeting people from the area. Leaving the thought of being 1600 people in one place, and becoming an idea of being one town. It's a proud and long-standing heritage in America, and there's just not enough of it anymore.

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