As of Saturday night, when I rolled back into town, I was somewhat surprised there was still a thick layer of snow and slush on the residential streets, at least on the West Side. I had spent most of the day 90 miles West of Lawton, taking my grandma out for lunch and groceries and checking in on her like a good grandson. I was surprised how much snow was packed on the streets of her small town. It was a record snowfall for them indeed, but when we made it back to her one-stop-light town that afternoon, all of the snow and ice had melted... in just one day of sunshine. The entire hour and a half drive back, I really didn't think about it. It wasn't until I pulled down my own road that I realized just how much snow we actually got.

Driving from Cache Road into my neighborhood, I was shocked to see snow still packed on city streets. The shocks moving up and down as every road had become Lee Boulevard with small holes and still packed drifts to drive up and down on. It made me start thinking "Exactly how much snow did we get?"

It was an impressive storm to say the least. Looks like the future-telling meteorologists that usually cry wolf ended up pretty close to the mark for us here in Lawton. They missed that 20" prediction out West, but if we all focused more on what they got right, we'd probably all be better off. The deepest part of my snow in the back yard measured a constant eleven inches, the drifts were feet deep, and as it's most likely going to all be gone by the time I get home, the question is now... how long do you think the big snow piles around town will linger? Gone by Tuesday? Wednesday? Maybe even last until Thursday? Time will tell.

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