We all really need to relax. According to a new study, the average person feels frustrated and anxious 234 times a year. That's about four or five times a week. 

To put that another more frightening way, you spend two thirds of your life feeling anxious. I myself feel that is too much. Sometimes there is no control over the situations at hand. So in order to not get this way, you must divert from the cause of your anxiousness and get on a fast track to being happy.

The study also found the top five things that make us feel frustrated, stressed, anxious, and helpless. Check 'em out.

 Being stuck in traffic

There are a couple of ways to avoid this. Go a different way if you know there are going to be delays. Also, leave early (if you can) to avoid being in a traffic situation. Now we all know accidents happen on the road and it will cause delays. There is nothing we can do about it except wait it out. Then there is major city traffic. It will always be a nightmare if you are not used to driving in it.

 Worrying about our health

Everyone has had or will have in their lifetime some sort of health issue that will have you and your family on edge. It may be a simple as a broken limb or maybe childbirth to major surgery which requires hospitalization resulting in lost work time. That stress of no work equalling no pay can do a number on your health.

 Worrying about our finances

How many times have you thought how am I going to manage to pay this? Or will there be enough to cover that bill. Do you find a sick feeling every month looking a the check book then looking at the calendar to see which is going to run out first?

 The weather

Mother nature can deal a heavy blow to areas in such a way that even if not directly affected, we stress and worry as if we were at ground zero. Rain or lack thereof, tornados, excessive heat, floods, hurricanes. All types of weather can mess with us and keep us on edge.

Not being able to lose weight

Many people get on and off weight loss plans every day. And every year, thousands of individuals lay out a plan or resolution to lose weight this year. Then when the plan go south, people get very frustrated and usually take it out on others innocent bystanders. Many times a family member or coworker.

Try to find a happy medium as you go through the week. Learn how to relax. Let the things you know you have no control over happen and move on. Do any of these set you off more than others?