Finals week is almost here and with this being my last semester at college, I will current and future college students my tips to survive finals week at college.

One thing that kept me going during finals week is paying attention during review days before finals week. Most of what the instructor discusses on the review will most likely be on the test. This is included with comprehensive exams. When it comes to comprehensive exams keep a hold on your past tests, they will come in handy for studying for these types of exams.

Study groups with fellow students also help and you can tackle many areas together. Multiple minds are better than one and you can also easily figure out problems you might not understand.

Be sure to take breaks, staring at your notes and textbook for awhile can make you start to lose focus and drift into your imagination.

Time management is also key. After all this is finals week and you most likely have more than one exam. Manage your study time well so that all exams can be studied for and fully prepared for.

Last, but not least; is one I do often and have done on every final week. Listen to some music that will get you pumped and ready for anything. My personal favorite: The Final Countdown by Europe