I am pretty liberal when it comes to new ideas.  I'm a fan of great ad campaigns (I'm in the Biz, after all).  But I just don't get the new "Framily" ad campaign from Sprint.

It is apparently a re-do of a hit campaign that was run in Japan.  Maybe the Japanese are smarter than I am and able to handle so many abstract concepts in one :30 commercial.

I don't get why the hamster is the dad, who has (apparently) had several children with the human mom.  One of those creepy kids speaks French and has little bluebirds twittering around her constantly.

Perhaps I waste too much time to trying to make sense out of the nonsensical, but I can's see how this will help Sprint sell more plans.  Of course, they caused me to write a whole blog about it -- so maybe THAT is the point??

I am a fan of the absurd -- but this is on a whole different plane.